Have you ever fallen asleep upright, perhaps while traveling, and ended up suffering from neck discomfort? Me too! Like many, I would take a U-shaped neck pillow with me. Unfortunately, the support I needed was not there. In addition, I didn't like carrying those pillows around. They are too bulky to fit in my backpack. And if you are like me, you feel claustrophobic when things are wrapped around your neck. And who wants to inflate a device every time they need to use it? During a flight about four years ago, I awoke with neck pain again and started drawing out the idea that would eventually become the NapAnywhere.

The NapAnywhere is not a neck pillow. It is a minimalist, head-support device. It effectively provides head support while in a seated position and is convenient to carry anywhere. Part engineering and part origami, the NapAnywhere's design is one of a kind.

The NapAnywhere is a thin circular form consisting of a strong yet flexible endoskeleton covered with comfortable foam padding and wrapped in high-quality fabric. The top part of the device forms a cantilevered shelf which sits below the chin and back of the head. Once in place, the supportive surface is easily shaped to the user's fit, cradling their head in comfort. Similarly, the bottom part molds over the shoulder. The central neck portion allows the weight of the head to be distributed across the shoulder. When worn the NapAnywhere allows the muscles in the neck to relax as the head is fully supported.