NapAnywhere - Lime/Black

NapAnywhere - Lime/Black

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NapAnywhere® Travel Pillow

Are you tired of U-shaped travel pillows that don’t offer the support you need? Travel in comfort and style with the most innovative head-support device on the market. The NapAnywhere also makes it easy to rest en route with its portable size and shape. Avoid the after-travel slump and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go. Find out for yourself why the NapAnywhere was the winner of a prestigious Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show.

Made Especially for Travelers

The NapAnywhere is ideal for travelers and perfect to use while on planes, subways, buses, trains and cars (as a passenger). You’ll enjoy the benefits of the NapAnywhere whether you’re a commuter heading to the office, or you’re journeying to a favorite vacation destination. You’ll appreciate the NapAnywhere whether you’re on a road trip or an overnight flight, or even catching a brief power nap anywhere. Please note: Driving while wearing the NapAnywhere is not recommended.

Portable and Easily Packable

The NapAnywhere solves a common problem: Many travel pillows on the market today are just too big and awkward to carry easily. And worse, they don’t offer the support necessary to get restful sleep. The NapAnywhere, in contrast, provides true support in a slim, lightweight and portable package. When not in use, it flattens to slip easily into a briefcase, backpack or laptop bag.

Expertly Designed

The NapAnywhere was designed by a physician to make traveling a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Dr. Shamaiengar’s personal experience with inadequate travel pillows motivated his search for a better option, and his knowledge of human anatomy enabled him to design the NapAnywhere. His invention has been awarded three US patents.

The Neck Pillow Re-imagined

The NapAnywhere inspires you to think differently about what is truly comfortable when sleeping in a seated, upright position. Instead of your neck craning over as with many traditional travel pillows, the NapAnywhere holds your head comfortably upright with only a slight tilt to one side. By supporting the weight of your head, the NapAnywhere allows your neck to relax, which in turn allows you to relax. And genuine rest becomes achievable.

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Color/Fabric N/A
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COLOR Lime/Black
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1.5 in

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