"I bought a NapAnywhere head support device and was having trouble getting it properly adjusted, so I emailed the company. Imagine my surprise when the President and creator of NapAnywhere, Ravi Shamaiengar, MD, personally telephoned me! We had a delightful conversation, and he answered all my questions. Clearly, he is concerned that his customers have a good experience with his invention. I was intrigued with the story of how he started a family business and how quickly it’s grown. I took the NapAnywhere a long airline trip, and it worked like a charm, exactly as advertised: restful sleep and no stiff neck. It unfolds flat for easy carrying, and now I never travel without it!"
 - B.K., USA
"Tested for a few days. This is really amazing stuff. I can actually doze off while sitting upright. No more stiff neck after long flights. Thank u Ravi for the invention!"
 - D.S., Singapore
"...the NapAnywhere is very good! I just used it will waiting in the car for about a half an hour. Couldn't believe it was that easy for me to turn to nap mode when using it.
.... I'd say it's perfect!"
 - J.G., Philippines
"....this is the first time I've gotten something from Kickstarter that did and was exactly as described. Many thanks..."
 - D.C.S., United Kingdom
"Just tested it out on the couch in the sitting position – seems to work great.... Great job! Thank you."
 - A.S., Germany
"I just received a Nap, so happy!..."
 - C.K., France
"Just received my NapAnywhere! Sooo excited and it actually worked!..."
 - B.K., USA
"Received mine today. I have to say NapAnywhere is the only head-support pillow I've tried so far that works! I've bought tens of those head pillows (all different kinds) for travels and none of them can support my head when I fall asleep. But NapAnywhere works great. Great job!"
 - H.K., USA
"Just received mine yesterday and my god what an excellent design! I love it"
 - J.R. USA
"This is a really wonderful invention. Wonder if I can smuggle this into my next boring meeting at work?"
 - J.S., USA
"As planned, I spent the entire month in Europe, and was able to use your NapAnywhere fairly extensively. Between 10hr plane trips and several long train rides.

NapAnywhere performed admirably, while remaining comfortable.

Just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent job!"
 - G.M., USA
"Just received mine the day before yesterday and it works exactly as you proposed in the video. It's even easier to apply as I thought. It's so unbelievably comfortable. Now my companion for sure!
Thank you very much for enriching the world with this wonderful product..."
 - M.K., Germany
"This is a great pillow..."
 - R.D., USA
"WOW! I am more than thrilled with the product and you must be also!
I sat in my easy chair to see how it would feel wearing the device. I was ready to nap. It is so easy to get a personal fit. You are a wonder...."
 - L.Z., USA
"I was a backer of NapAnywhere and used it soon after I received it on a trip to/from Germany. I was able to do something that I had never done before -- nap on the airplane. It was great. It was well worth the price for just that one trip. I look forward to getting a lot off use out of it in the future."
 - S.S. USA
"I have one of your products from the Kickstarter campaign. Nice work! It is the best product out there. Blows away neck pillows. 
You're the first person to come up with a useful product for this travel problem. "
 - M.B.  USA
"I just wanted to let you know that I slept for an hour on a 5 hour flight using my NapAnywhere! That's huge for me. I love love love it!!
Thanks for this wonderful product."
 - M.H.  USA