NapAnywhere® Travel Pillow

Are you tired of u-shaped neck travel pillows that don't offer the support you need? Travel in both style and comfort with the most innovative head-support pillow available on the market. The NapAnywhere® travel pillow makes traveling easy and comfortable with its portable size and shape. Avoid the after-travel slump and arrive at your destinations refreshed and ready to go. The NapAnywhere® travel pillow is the winner of a 2014 Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show.

Neck Pillow Made for Travelers

The NapAnywhere® is made for travelers. This neck travel pillow provides portable head-support which has been developed specifically for frequent travelers. This comfortable pillow is perfect to use while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars (as a passenger.) Please note: Driving while wearing the NapAnywhere® is not recommended.

Small and Convenient Travel Pillow

One of the common problems with many travel neck pillows on the market is that they are just too big and awkward to make traveling with them convenient. In addition, the unfortunate truth is that many of the u-shaped pillows are incapable of providing the necessary support needed to provide high levels of comfort. The NapAnywhere® travel pillow is small, convenient, and ultra-supportive. In fact, the NapAnywhere® travel pillow is small enough to fit easily into a briefcase or laptop bag.

Expertly Designed

The NapAnywhere® travel pillow was expertly designed and created by a physician to make traveling a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Dr. Shamaiengar's knowledge of human anatomy and his personal experience inspired him to design this unique product.

Neck Support Travel Pillow

The design of the NapAnywhere® travel pillow inspires you to think differently about what is truly comfortable when sleeping in a seated upright position. Instead of your head or neck pushing down on the cushion which is what happens with the typical u-shaped travel pillow, with the NapAnywhere® travel pillow your head is comfortably held upright with only a slight tilt to one side. By supporting the weight of your head the NapAnywhere® travel pillow allows your neck to relax, which in turn also allows you to relax as well.