A portable head-support pillow, created by a physician, to make traveling a more comfortable experience.

Created by Ravi Shamaiengar, MD

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Recipient of the 2012 "Innovator of the Year" Award

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Award received at the first public appearance of the NapAnywhere. Maybe I'm not the only one who believes in my invention. Hopefully you will too!

Why did I start this project?

Have you ever fallen asleep upright, perhaps while traveling, and awakened with neck discomfort? Me too!

Like many, I would use a U-shaped neck pillow. Unfortunately, the support I needed just wasn't there. In addition, they are often too bulky to fit in my backpack. And if you are like me, you feel claustrophobic when things are wrapped around your neck. And who wants to inflate a device every time you need to use it?

During a flight about four years ago, I awoke with neck discomfort again and started drawing out the idea that would eventually become the NapAnywhere®.

What is the purpose of this product?

The purpose of the NapAnywhere® is to make sleeping in an upright position actually comfortable.

The NapAnywhere® is not a simple neck pillow. It is a sophisticated head-support pillow that is part engineering, part architecture, and part origami. Using my knowledge of anatomy and experience gained while developing multiple designs, I have finally created a unique minimalist solution. The NapAnywhere® provides better head support for the seated user, but is still compact enough to carry anywhere.

What is it and how does it work?

The NapAnywhere® was designed with travelers in mind. It is supportive and comfortable, yet lightweight and portable, and can provide a custom

fit for each user.

The NapAnywhere® is a thin disc consisting of a strong yet flexible endoskeleton covered with foam padding, and wrapped in high-quality fabric. The device is reversible with one side warm to the touch (think fleece or suede) and the other side cool to the touch (think nylon or leather). The NapAnywhere® also includes a comfortable strap designed to keep it in place while you sleep and a carrying case to help keep it


The NapAnywhere® is not a medical device. It was not designed to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disorder or disease. There are plenty of medical devices out there that should be prescribed by your physician.

With a few easy folds you can transform the NapAnywhere® from a simple flat disc into an effective head-support pillow.

The top part of the device forms a cantilevered shelf which extends along your jaw from your chin to the back of your head. Once in place, you can easily form the supportive surface to comfortably cradle your head. Similarly, you curve the bottom part over your shoulder. The central portion, which lies against your neck, allows the weight of your head to be distributed across the shoulder. When worn the NapAnywhere® allows the muscles in the neck to relax as the head is fully supported. You'll forget you're even wearing it.

And when you're finished with the NapAnywhere®, you can easily flatten it into its original shape.