Learn how the revolutionary NapAnywhere® Travel Pillow works below!

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1. Strap It.

Choose which shoulder you wish to wear the NapAnywhere® on, and which surface you prefer against your skin — cooler or warmer. Then hold the NapAnywhere® with your preferred surface face up, with the logo closest to you. Slide the logo end of the strap into the strap tunnel, starting on the right if your preferred shoulder is the right one (or vice versa), with the logo facing down toward the NapAnywhere®.

2. Shape It.

Create a near-90-degree angle between the shoulder section (with the logo) and the neck portion (the center strut), and bend each side of the shoulder section down. The strap should run along the underside of the shoulder section, so you can pull the strap forward and down across your chest. Create an angle between the larger head portion and the neck portion, and curve both sides of the head portion up.

3. Place It.

Place the NapAnywhere® on your preferred shoulder so the strap can be pulled forward with the logo also facing forward. Curve the shoulder section down on each side of your shoulder. Then curve each side of the head portion as needed to cradle your chin and the back of your head. Turn the NapAnywhere® slightly forward or backward to provide the head support that you prefer. Then pull the strap down across your chest, securing the logo end to the Velcro on the other end of the strap as it comes around your back, pulling the strap tight enough that the neck portion is snugly against your neck. If properly positioned, the NapAnywhere® should hold your head nearly straight upright, with only a slight tilt to one side.

4. Nap!

Enjoy your NapAnywhere®!

Demo Video

Product Demo

How-To Video

How-To Video