What is the NapAnywhere®?

The NapAnywhere® is a minimalist head support device which is part engineering, part architecture, and part origami.

The NapAnywhere® is portable enough to fit in your briefcase, backpack or a medium sized handbag.

The NapAnywhere® is very lightweight (less than 8 ounces). Yet it is designed to comfortably support the weight of your head. The NapAnywhere® starts out as a thin disc.

It has a metallic alloy core, which is embedded in soft foam and wrapped in high quality fabric. (Engineering)

You form the NapAnywhere® into a shape that molds over your shoulder, along the side of your neck, under your chin, under the side of your head, and along the back of your neck. (Origami)

The NapAnywhere® is then ready to comfortably support the weight of your head, allowing your neck muscles to relax. (Architecture)

The NapAnywhere® bends or moves across my shoulder when I push my head across it, help!

Remember that the NapAnywhere® is a minimalist "head support device" and not an ordinary neck pillow.

The NapAnywhere®'s design inspires the user to think differently about what is comfortable.

Don't bend your neck and push down, that defeats the purpose of the design. Mold the NapAnywhere® to your shape so that your head is held upright with only a slight tilt to one side.

Why do I have a strap in the package?

The strap is there to keep the NapAnywhere® snugly in place even after you have fallen asleep.

How was the NapAnywhere® invented?

From CEO Ravi Shamaiengar, M.D.:

"As a medical resident over 15 years ago I suffered a neck injury while playing tennis. I herniated the disc at the C5-C6 level. I was debilitated for about eight months. Although I have since recovered from the injury and regained my strength and mobility, whenever I would fall asleep traveling in a car or plane I would unfortunately experience a pain similar to that prior injury. I never want to feel that sensation again.

After spending several years trying to figure out the problem and creating multiple complex prototypes, I abandoned the project. I knew what I needed to do, I just didn't know how to do it. Everything that I had constructed was either too complex or too weird to actually bring to market.

A few years passed until I had an "aha" moment on an airplane trip and drew out the NapAnywhere®. It has taken several years from the conceptual drawings to finally engineer and manufacture the product."

What is your return policy?

Please know that the NapAnywhere® staff is here to answer your questions and help you benefit from our product.

Just like most things, the concept may not work for everyone.

Certainly if you are unsatisfied with the NapAnywhere®'s performance you can return it for a full refund (only minus the initial postage and handling charges).