The "Neck Pillow Reimagined®"

Finally! A Supportive Solution for Sleeping while Sitting

In a travel world filled with the ubiquitous U-shaped neck pillow, NapAnywhere®’s revolutionary design solves a perennial problem. It provides true head and neck support that’s crucial for comfortable rest while sitting upright, with no neck pain afterward. Its superiority over its competitors was clear when it won the prestigious Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show. 

The NapAnywhere® was designed by Ravi Shamaiengar, M.D., who, in addition to his medical degree, pursued even more advanced training in anatomy. After recovering from a neck injury, but finding that countless neck pillows simply reaggravated his injury, he knew there must be a better way.

His solution? The NapAnywhere® — with a minimalist approach unlike any traditional neck pillow.  

Try it and you’ll enjoy these advantages:

  • A one-of-a-kind design — a strong yet pliable internal support holds the head nearly upright, and is secured by an adjustable strap across the chest. The neck muscles can relax, and comfortable rest becomes achievable, with no aching neck afterward.
  •  A custom fit, and best of all, the NapAnywhere only touches one side of your head and neck. There’s no thick, bulky shape enclosing you, making you overheated and claustrophobic.  
  • It’s sleek, slim and lightweight. Part engineering, part origami, it starts out like a flat disc, and a few folds plus strap insertion will set it up. After use, it flattens to become one of the most packable, portable travel pillows anywhere.
  • It can be worn on either shoulder, no matter where you’re seated, and also prevents chin drop.
  • Two different fabrics to choose against your skin — a cooler surface (think nylon) and a warmer one (think fleece) — and a convenient carrying case.

What's it made of?

Weighing only 8 ounces, the NapAnywhere is a thin circular form consisting of an internal metallic support covered with comfortable foam padding and wrapped in high-quality fabric. Once folded, the top section forms a curved shelf that sits below the chin and back of the head. It’s easily shaped to the user’s fit, cradling their head in comfort. Similarly, the bottom section molds over the shoulder. The central neck portion allows the weight of the head to be distributed across the shoulder, enabling the neck muscles to relax.

Unsure about this unfamiliar design?

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